There are a LOT of reasons to boycott today and of course the #blackout boycott to protest police brutality NUMBER ONE reason you should not head out the door today…. But just some thoughts in case the little devil on your shoulder is tempting you with the deals you’ve seen advertised.

Before you embark out today I think you need to ask yourself why you are going. Do you actually need the items you will return with? And even if you decide yes, what are the chances that you won’t be tempted by the shiny bright lights and joyous spirit of spending and come back with far thank you anticipated?

Why would you want to flirt with the possibility of getting involved in a shopping stampede or an endless queue? What’s fun about that? Maybe consider enjoying the day at home with the family and cooking a nice meal followed by a family board game, to get rid of any of your spending urges!

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If we truly want show support we need to boycott capitalist corporations that don’t help ANYONE. They are giving Super Deals today that in reality should be offered everyday. In my eyes, the staff should either be paid more or the price of the products should be reduced permanently.


I understand for many you think today is a great day to pick up some Christmas presents at reduced prices but just think about this rationally.

Also look at your Christmas list, think about all these pieces of metal and plastic you are buying. Would the receivers actually be more appreciative of something that came from your heart? Your sister does not need an apple corer, a knife does this job if used correctly! Instead buy her a cooking lesson from a local cook. Consider more thoughtful presents like sponsorship of an animal at a local zoo or trip to a local spot of natural beauty or something to directly help a local small black business. These things mean much more than a toaster or whatever other inanimate object you may end up buying from a corporation!

I don’t think Black Friday deal grabbers are bad people. I just want us all to consider our consumption and if we really need the things we buy. Under consumption on everyone’s part will make life easier for us and future generations and this year the black dollar has a chance to speak!

I hope you have a great day.


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