Bevel was created by young Silicon Valley entrepreneur Tristan Walker to address grooming problems specifically to black hair, he found a market niche and took it over head on.

Now Bevel is the number one (and maybe only) major company aimed at the black shaving and hair product market. In the next push Tristian has managed to raise $24m in venture capital with investors such as Earvin “Magic” Johnson, John Legend and NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala putting cash in.

Also he has sealed a deal with Target and select stores will carry the product and Bevel is available on Amazon too.

Bevel’s single-blade razor system directly addresses an issue with men and women’s coarse and curly hair. The product reduces the risk of razor bumps and general skin irritation, largely an issue with the African American market that had not been addressed.

Read more about the deal here:

See Tristan addressing a “problem” in Silicon Valley in the video below:

Really, Bevel is unique and something every black man should give a try! There really isn’t another product right now addressing these problems. You can pick up a starter kit on Amazon.

Have you tried Bevel’s saving system? Did it live up to it’s hype for you?

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