With a mission to eradicate food deserts Dr. Jifunza C.A. Wright M.D. and her husband, Fred Carter launched the Healthy Food Hub, seven years ago, a community run reverse community supported agriculture (CSA) initiative offering healthier, affordable eating through collective buying.

This is CSA in reverse because usually, the farmer determines what people eat, but the people that eat design this.

“It’s about controlling our buying power. This came out of the Nation of Islam. I saw the template that was already there. There is no revolution without health. It’s a practice we need,” said Carter.

Here’s how it works: The Hub is member run and driven. Members, after paying a $25 a year membership fee, can pre-order produce and the collective buys wholesale. This allows members to access the best whole, natural foods at an affordable price.

“If healthy food is to be our medicine, a cornerstone to health, there can be no compromises. Rising fuel, operating and agricultural costs have continued to make access to natural, whole, healthy foods more challenging,” said Dr. Wright, a holistic physician.

She grew tired of fighting disease and sickness with prescription drugs when she knew the health problems in the Black community were directly connected to diet. “We are learning to care for each other and we’ve added (medicinal) herbs, spices and teas.”

Dr. Wright is determined to create a culture of healthy eating that includes people from all walks of life who eat and want better health for themselves and their community coming together to socialize, buy and eat healthy, whole food and be a support group for their families to promote that lifestyle to the community.

Members pick their food up weekly at market day. Healthy Food Hub operates a year round Healthy Food Hub Market Day every Saturday at The Quarry Event Center (2423 E. 75th Street) from 11:00 am – 2 pm in Chicago’s South Shore community.

– See more at: http://beansouptimes.com/food-deserts-in-chicago/#sthash.Lq19HsBQ.dpuf

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