Black College Student Arrested for Holding Door for White Woman?


If you have basic home training your parents probably taught you to address adults as Mister or Misses So and So. If you are a woman they probably taught you to sit with your legs closed and if you are a man they probably taught you to hold the door open for women. Well Jason Goolsby, a District of Columbia student was on his way to an ATM and he saw a white woman with a stroller and decided to hold the door open for her. She felt “uncomfortable” and as a result she decided to call the police.

When the police arrived Goolsby fled for fear of his life as all he did was hold the door open. The police we able to catch him and they arrested him. In the police report they said they responded to a call for “Robbery Fear”. Ultimately he was not brought up on any charges but it is a sad day in America when you are apprehended for being nice. We have to do better America, your treatment of African Americans is sickening.


Take a moment to watch the video and tell us if you think the treatment of this young man is lawful, humane and upholding the oath of police officers?


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