This Black Business Will Help Your Get Solar Panels And Get Off Grid!


There is a lot of talk recently about the need to get self sufficient, to grow locally, organise locally and move towards more community based living.

Energy, for the most part, comes from the pipes and the grid. But there are increasingly efficient ways to reduce the need to take it from the man and produce it for yourself. In recent years the quality, efficiency and price of solar has come on leaps and bounds.

And now, we have found a black business, based in Atlanta, Georgia, that will consult and install solar for you.

So what do they have to say for themselves?


Solar Plus

We’re the installers. We’re the technicians, trainers & safety educators. The site surveyors, system designers & permit runners. We’re the ones who build everything & risk our health everyday to create a superior product for all of our valued customers.

At Solar Plus, we feel that our advantage lies in the hands of the unsung heros on the front lines: OUR STAFF!! Usually the last ones considered, we believe in hiring the most qualified, well rounded candidates & provide them an extensive training process designed to maximize their potential. We then make sure to give them the support & equipment they need to always be at their best in the safest way possible.

There are MANY solar companies out there with glossy marketing campaigns & marquee public images who appear to be “the best”. Only to then hire unskilled, untrained staff to be paid the lowest wages possible while cutting corners on safety equipment, procedures, using inferior materials & building low quality systems. These practices inevitably cause property damage & a myriad of technical problems down the line. All for the sake of “making a profit”. We know this first hand because we’ve worked for them.


We put quality & safety before profit & offer install teams with exceptional skills, detailed workmanship, thorough training & positive attitudes.

About the company: CEO Don Tonic.

Don Tonic is a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional (PV-o41616-004765) with humble beginnings. Starting in 2012 he began his solar career at Coast Career Institute in Los Angeles, CA. While completing his 720 classroom hours he heard about the Grid Alternatives Program & decided to become a volunteer to gain some hands on experience. Going above & beyond, he achieved the status of roof & ground team lead under their rigorous Team Leader training program. While working with Grid San Diego he came under the watchful eye of “Solar Ninja” & industry veteran Marty “Wallaby” Jones who took him aside & provided a wealth of knowledge on being a leader.

Upon entering the field, he was an installer for companies like Solar City, Sungevity & Verengo & gained valuable real world experience. He then became a project manager for Fidelity Home Energy of California which was all encompassing: site surveying, plan drafting, permit pulling, staging materials, supervising the install & completing the AHJ inspection. His above & beyond attitude got him promoted to Senior Project Manager.

After relocating back to his native Atlanta, Georgia he was a Lead Project Manager for Hannah Solar LLC & launched the “Solarize Tybee” program, the first of it’s kind in Georgia. He was then awarded the Operations Manager position for Creative Solar USA & gained a wealth of experience developing a sytem that encompassed every aspect from staffing, training, design, procurement & installation. As an OSHA 30 cardholder, safety training was & remains an intergral aspect.

Now he’s embarked on his own venture Solar Plus with the goal of raising the standards for pv installations all across the SouthEastern US & beyond. With literally hundreds of PV systems designed, drafted & installed under his belt; he’s fully confident in his abilities to lead great teams to success.

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