Black America Has Been Getting Better For The Past 40 Years BUT….


So, it’s official, a report tells us all that things in black america are better than they were 40 years ago. Whoppy ‘f*cking’ doo da!

Of course seeing a headline like this is mildly infuriating but fact is, things probably are better and this is news that can be used for good. Of course some people will pat themselves on the back, hang up their hats and drop the subject.

Things at this point are not good, despite being better, they still are far far below acceptable. Being black is being a target for the cops, being black is being a discarded resume in a pile of job applicants, being a suspected thief in a supermarket, being an apologist, being a person who has to work twice as hard to prove their worth.

PBS Reported

“African-Americans are doing about the same as they have in previous years as the nation rises out of the Great Recession, and much better than they did when its first “State of Black America” report came out 40 years ago, the National Urban League said Tuesday.

The new report, “Locked Out: Education, Jobs & Justice,” looks at how blacks and Hispanics have been doing in the United States over the last few years and how they were doing in 1976, the year the National Urban League began issuing its annual report.”

The report sheds a lot of light on various things but from the statement above you can see that actually things are moving slowly, way more slowly than they should.


It’s absolutely unbelievable that as a human race we are talking of settling on planets, creating time-travel and cybonetic humans, creating real AI and YET being black is still a cause for inequality.

The fight MUST go on.

What do you think?

Read the report and more on PBS here.



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