Bin Laden Is Alive Claims Snowdon! — A Bogus Report BUT….


Reports are circulating again that Bin Laden is alive and well, Facebook seems a major platform for this conspiracy that claims the CIA has him all comfy in the Bahamas and that Edward Snowdon has the proof.

This report seems to have originated from a bunch of inaccurate and plain false news sites. However it doesn’t mean it should all be discounted.

The US Government has pulled a lot of crap since sep 11, the death of Bin Laden was extremely convenient for Obama’s re-election campaign and the evidence of Bin Laden’s death has never been released.

One photo of the body was shown but many say it was doctored, the body was said to be laid to rest at sea so that can’t be examined and the accounts of the story from Navy Seals is at times contradictory.


So, maybe he was killed long before, maybe he was never killed! At the end of the day it doesn’t matter as such. The government may give us a glimpse of truth here and there but at the end of the day much of what happens is political.

We need to concentrate on what smokescreens may be being put up during these times. We can’t do much about the outside threats but can put pressure on the government to be transparent internally and work towards making our lives better. #BLM is doing just that!

Here is a videos talking about the possibility Bin Laden is still alive…


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