Big Shocker: Trump Supports and Invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline


President Donald Trump is showing favor towards Dakota Access Pipeline. There are many reasons for this. One of these is that he owns stock in the companies that are building it and he believes the pipeline is a good policy. More of us are inclined to believe he has his best interest at heart.

He released a memo that claims that he is supporting the divisive pipeline not for personal reasons but for the benefits to all Americans. It has absolutely nothing to do with the stake he has in the companies responsible for building the pipeline.

He has a financial portfolio that is highly extensive. This has made people raise concerns about him separating his own business from issues of national interest. Trump has even pledged that he will remove his name from his own company in order to avoid such kind of conflicts of interest. The details of this arrangement have yet to be worked out.


Trump has also encouraged the pipeline protesters as he respects the right of all Americans to protest peacefully. This is to ensure us that respects us and our opinion even if opinions do differ.

Of course our biggest concern is the obvious conflict of interest. He hasn’t proven himself to be a person worth trusting so excuses the American people if we smell bullsh*t.


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