Baltimore Woman Who Called Police Twice For Help Gunned Down In Front Of Her Children


On Monday night Baltimore had six homicides, one of those was of a mother whom had called the police twice that day and previously tried to relocate from her social housing due to feeling unsafe.

37-year-old Charmaine Wilson was shot on Monday night in front of her kids. Fox45 reported:

A family member said Wilson “has called the police so many times, more than a handful of times living in this neighborhood.”

The relative, who didn’t want to be identified for fear of retaliation, told Fox45 that Wilson had called the police twice Monday – first after two boys tried to steal her son’s bike, and the second, around 9 p.m. when six boys assaulted another son.

“The police had left and he was not gone more than seven minutes, and two guys came from the side with masks on their face,” said Wilson’s sister

“They walked up to her and shot her two times. Gunned her down right in front of her children.”

She died moments later.


Wilson had eight children and two grandchildren. Six of her kids are under the age of 18.
According to a family member, Wilson requested a transfer from her housing unit with the Housing Authority months ago.

“[She] asked for housing to move her because she was scared,” she said. “Her kids weren’t safe, she wasn’t safe, her car was vandalized, her apartment was vandalized, and they did not move her because it wasn’t ‘enough evidence.’ Now my sister – 37 years old, eight kids, two grandkids – is gone, for a bike. And she asked for help.”




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