ATL: Black Woman Shot & Killed By Police After Being Handcuffed In Back Of Squad Car


Late last week, another person was shot and killed by the police. This time it happened in Atlanta, GA with some sketchy circumstances surrounding the cas. Authorities have released the name of the deceased.

25 year old Alexia Christian was killed by the police in the back of their squad car. Christian was arrested after she was found sitting in a stolen vehicle in a parking deck. According to reports, the officers approached, arrested, handcuffed and put the woman in the back seat of their squad car.

Atlanta Police investigate the scene of a shooting Thursday, April 30, 2015, in Atlanta. Police say officers fatally shot a woman who first fired at them while sitting in the back of a patrol car in Atlanta. (Ben Gray/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

According to police, Christian got out of the handcuffs, had a gun concealed on her and fired at the officers from the back of the police car. The officers returned fire and critically wounded the young woman. She later died in the hospital. The officers involved were not injured.


The family of Christian find the details of the police report difficult to believe. They question how someone would end up in the back of a police car with a loaded weapon? How would she escape from the handcuffs to fire the weapon? In addition, they mention that she was a “wild child” who stole cars from time to time, but never was involved in any violent crimes and find it hard to believe she would shoot at the police.

They have not indicated if they will be pressing charges against the police in this case, but are waiting for more evidence and information to come out before they decide to proceed.

The police are saying Christian got the loaded weapon from the vehicle she had stolen. However, this leads many to wonder if she was hell bent on shooting at the police, why did she wait until getting into the squad car and not start firing when they approached her in the parking deck?

At the very least, this calls into question basic police procedures. How can a woman be arrested, handcuffed, and searched without finding a gun on her? Something doesn’t seem right, but hopefully the details will come out very soon.

Source: TPM


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