Alleged Drug Use As Simone Biles And Serena Williams Files Leaked By Russian Hackers


It seems like some Russians may be bad losers after medical files were leaked by Russian Hackers (some allege backed by the Kremlin) for many athletes including Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

After Russia’s track and field team were banned from the Rio Olympics over for an alleged state-backed doping programme and all of its athletes are barred from the ongoing Paralympics, these leaks seem to try and claim that some of Rio’s best were on banned substances.

However, it seems, that all claims of drug use were fair and sanctioned and the The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) has condemned the hack.



The BBC Reported:

he hackers accessed records detailing “Therapeutic Use Exemptions” (TUEs), which allow the use of banned substances due to athletes’ verified medical needs.
“By virtue of the TUE, Biles has not broken any drug-testing regulations, including at the Olympic Games in Rio,” USA Gymnastics said.
Fancy Bears said TUEs amount to “licences for doping”.
The leaked documents allege that Serena Williams was granted permission to use drugs commonly used to treat muscle injuries, such as anti-inflammatories, while Biles is said to use Ritalin – a treatment for her ADHD.
Former – Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority head Richard Ings said: “Nothing I see here gives me cause for alarm,” adding it looked “totally normal”.
“The issue here is privacy breach.”


The US Olympic Committee has had “zero adverse findings from the Rio Olympic Games that weren’t 100% within the medical guidelines set forth by anti-doping authorities,” spokesman Patrick Sandusky said.

Of course it’s expected that more and more hacks will follow!

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