Ahmed Mohamed, 14 years old, was falsely arrested last week for bring a clock into his Irving, TX high school that was “mistaken” for a bomb. This week the school is trying to amend the error and welcome the teen back to the school.

MacArthur High School said via a spokesperson to ABC News, “We’re confident that we can continue to provide him with an excellent education.”

However, Ahmed and his family are chucking the school the deuces and searching for a new high school for their gifted teen, who has expressed interest in attending M.I.T. after graduatino.

Speaking to The

Speaking to The Associated Press, Ahmed’s father Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed said, he will transfer out of the MacArthur High School, but they are “still deciding where he will go next.”


Ahmed had built an original clock and took it to school to impress his teacher, but she thought it was a bomb, thus the school had the young man arrested. As we all suspected, it wasn’t and this was just white people expressing their fear of brown people and embarrassing a young child that obviously has a very talented mind.

We are ESTATIC to hear Ahmed will not be attending this school and is searching for a new one. It is also our hope they refuse any apologies and continue to call this what it is, BIGOTED RACISM!

Sound Off: Do you think Ahmed should return to the high school or find a new one?

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