This is very very disturbing. There will always be extremists for sure and sadly the ALT-Right / White Supremacists, whatever the hell you want to call them have clambered out of the gutter and taken center stage as there appears to a sympathiser in the Oval office.

White Supremacists masquerading as the “ALT-Right” want certain things. Segregation, Myysogony and Sexism at the center of the way the world works. They want to suppress people into being the one model of what they feel is the right way to be.

Now, it’s no secret that some Hoteps, so-called Black Nationalist and sometimes people who describe themselves as “Couscious” want pretty similar things for the black community.

This is always the case. I’ve been in the company of extremely religious Muslims and Christians at points in my life and felt they were seperated only by the title of a book!

In this case, the Hoteps in question and Alt-Right seem to be separated only by a color, which it must be noted is usually a big deal!

The ALT-Right are often racist and Hoteps can be extremely bigoted. To see them join forces is a serious W T F moment!

Ali Shakur wrote a piece on Hotep Nation named “What is this Hotep and Alt-Right alliance?” where he wrote:

Over the past few months on Twitter people have noticed that a few Hoteps and I have become quite friendly with white nationalists / Alt-Right. People don’t understand it so allow me to take this time to explain.

Firstly, both sides represent the alpha traits of their respective races. Hoteps represent that for blacks and Alt-Right for whites. The Left is quite feminine in their approach whereas they like to cry, complain, and protest but never actually want to do anything for themselves. Hotep and Alt-right want to do for self. They want independence.

Foreign Interest
Hotep/Alt-Right are sick and tired of American people being pushed to the back in favor of foreign interests.

The Left is a hypocritical bunch. On one hand, they want to complain about Trump’s so-called “Muslim-ban” but on the other hand, they were quiet as a mouse when America was bombing and killing innocent people in these same Muslim countries.


Basically these people are cozying up!

Have these hoteps every heard of Jim Crow?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! I guess it was only a matter of time!