ABC News Showed Their Biased, Racist Journalism With This One Simple Oregon Tweet


A lot happened this weekend and you might have missed it between the new year celebrations, resolutions, recovery and general blind happiness of Americans these days. Out in Oregon, a group of white people got together and held a peaceful protest as they TOOK OVER A FEDERAL BUILDING WITH GUNS???
You might wonder how a peaceful group with guns threatening to kill everyone or anyone who tries to stop them might be possible. Well, we are wondering the same thing, but according to ABC News department tweets, this not only is possible, but happened.

ABC News Oregon Tweet

Needless to say, Twitter erupted with disbelieve that a news organization which is suppose to be respected as ABC would put out blatant, racist lies and cover up showing their white bias and lies. Person after person on the social media platform amended ABC’s lies with some truth.
Here is one of our favorites.


It has clearly become time in this world that we recognize and admit these major news outlets are nothing but the handmaidens of white supremacy, leading us astray with their false narratives, lies and propaganda.
It’s time we form our own news outlets in order to get the truth of situations happening around the country and world. Otherwise, we will continue to be left in the dark by America’s continued miseducation of the people..


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