90 Days in Jail For Black Man After Police Mistake Drywall Powder for Cocaine


Guilty until proven innocent seems to be the way of the world for Black Americans and this man has lost 3months of his life over police falsely imprisoning him for an alleged mistake. There is NO excuse for this, it doesn’t take 3 months to test a substance to find out what it is.

So, WTF happened?

Karlos Cashe is a handyman from Oviedo, Fla. He was pulled over buy police in March for driving without headlights. They searched his vehicle and found white powder on the seats and floor.

Allegedly a K-9 identified that powder as cocaine.

Cashe was clear that it was drywall. He told WFTV. in an interview “I know for a fact that it’s drywall because I’m a handyman,”



Cashe, who was on probation for 2015 marijuana and cocaine charges and the police arrested him for drug possession and for violating curfew.

Both accusations turned out to be false.

After 90 days in jail with no bond the lab results came back, the powder was not cocaine and no other illegal substances were found. The curfew charge was also dropped and police admit this was wrong BUT still deny no wrong doing saying they were doing their job.

Cashe said regarding the mess:

“I want some compensation for them. When I make a mistake, I’ve got to pay for it; that’s why I was on probation. It’s no different for them,”

So, basically they blamed the dog! Let’s hope Cashe gets a proper investigation and justice he deserves.

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