The 365 Black History serious is designed to give our community a chance to learn and appreciate the achievement, struggles and experience of our ancestors, inventors, business people, scientific, educators, children and more.

On September 13 in Black History

1663 – Conspiracy to overthrow white captives

The first major conspiracy between Black so called slaves and indentured servants occurs in Gloucester County, Virginia.

1881 – Louis Latimer patents an electric lamp with a carbon filament.

This is the forrunner to the light bulbs we’ve enjoyed in modern times. Most attribute this to Thomas Edison, but it isn’t true

Read more on Louis Latimer Here

1886 – Alain L. Locke, philosopher and first Black Rhodes Scholar, born.


Our history has a long, glorious and bright light that has shown since the dawn of time. However, it has long been hidden from us as if we were blind.


Now is the time to come together and consciously grow our understanding of our ancestors, culture, history and place in this world. The only way we can do this tie the knot of our past with our present to create the future we all desire.



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