30 NFL Players Secure Their Futures After Graduating With Executive MBAs from the University of Miami


Off the field, 30 NFL players made a different kind of touchdown by achieving a milestone in academics.

With an average NFL career of about 3.3 years and 78% of players going broke within three years of retiring from the game, it is not surprising that players are looking to secure their futures after their playing days are over.

The first cohort of the University of Miami Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes include current and former National Football League players.

The Executive MBA program is a novel concept that seeks to challenge athletes to look at their careers differently.

Take former Buffalo Bills wide man Lee Evans who asserted that he was usually confused on how to handle his investment portfolio, particularly when he would receive conflicting advice from different advisors.

He believes he is better equipped to make better decisions on business strategy going after graduating.

According to Anuj Mehrotra, the interim dean of the University Of Miami School Of Business Administration, the Executive MBA program is just as intensive and demanding as the players work on the field, requiring the investment of time and energy by each student.

Getting an education while important for preparing for their future, cannot quite be compared to playing football, where the players earn millions.


However, Carlos Dunlap a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals says that he got into the program “to prepare for life after football,” To get to know how to invest his earnings and to run his business.

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NFL MBA Graduates


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