RACIST TO THE CORE: Helicopter Officer Calls Police Executed Terence Crutcher ‘Bad Dude’ Even Though He Was Unarmed, Peaceful, And Had His Hands Up


Terence Crutcher was executed for no reason by police in Tulsa. He was on the ground, hands up, peacful. His only real crime was being black!

No Helicopter footage shows an officer labeling him a ‘Bad Dude’ seemingly for no reason and it absolutely highlights the extent to which anti-black racism is ingrained in our police force.

It is absolutely out of control.

Terrence’s car broke down, the police came to check, they brutally gunned him down. There is NO NEED FOR AN INVESTIGATION here because there is absolutely nothing to investigate. Dashcam and Choppercam footage shows everything.

Being black is the crime.

The chopper footage is below, the death is shown so I give you prior warning.

Heavy has more details on the murder: http://heavy.com/news/2016/09/terence-terrence-terance-crutcher-officer-betty-shelby-tulsa-oklahoma-black-man-shot-unarmed-video-family-photos-car/

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