Part I: “Thug Life’s” Responsibility for the Deaths of Young Black Men


There are two (2) parts to this story, so hang on and don’t go anywhere for a moment.

And no…music doesn’t harm anyone, and neither do rap beats.

The problems that we have come with people who take so much liberty with license to create that they cause the problems in Black America by twisting music and the beats, and even the very nature and character of God, into something it was never meant or created to be.

The Lord God gave us all Life — including those who do not believe in Him; and a great big beautiful world with millions of things to do, be, and discover to boot; and somehow or another, we eff’d it all up — and gave more leverage to the evil nature of man than in his inherent inherited Good.

As harsh as this may sound, too many folk in Black America are as circumstantially ungrateful to God as some of our children are to their own parents. He gave, and asked only for love and to share love the best we know how. We know HOW this mess in the Earth happened, but we’ve never listened to the Words that tell us what must be done about it AND DO WHAT WE ARE TOLD.

Let’s get 100: It’s His World, and we are all just squirrels scavenging for nuts, from that aspect alone. He can do with this world as He pleases just like Mom & Dad can do what they want with their own home … and He pleased that we should live and NOT die.

Kingdom of Priests
Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation-Romans 11

What else is there? Truly.

If you are a person who has been schooled in the ways of right and wrong or even so much as taught the difference between sacrilegious happenstance and righteousness, then the evils that befall us as Black American citizens should not come as a surprise to any of us, or to anyone else.

Most of us, even those who do not believe in God, per se, should now have some understanding of how SOME  Black men and women — so easily bought and sold and traded on the market as mental slaves by white people with the most vicious criminal attitudes toward Black people since the beginning of their history on Earth — are at the root and heart of all of this senseless violence.

If we do not value ourselves, and will sell out to the highest bidder for the price of a Black family’s head, then who else needs to value us? It ain’t their call, man. It was always ours.

This issue, as well as all of the others, should also help us to understand Michael Brown’s last “No Angel” vision before he was brutally and viciously murdered by a white cop in Ferguson, MO for nothing other than acting an ass like 18-year old’s of that mindset typically do – including the white ones who do NOT get killed for it.

His behavior as an UNARMED young man was certainly no reason to kill him, but there is a ratchet certainty afoot. Ever since Barack Obama was elected President– we have seen more and more of worse behaviors out of them.

These vicious behind-the-scenes killers come to light in the very perverted and deformed and dark manner in which they engage themselves on the back end, where they think no one sees and hears everything they do. But God Almighty.

It has nothing to do with Obama, of course – WE know that – but some white folks in America just never got their heads out of their asses on their need to blame their own heartlessness and insensitivity on a Black people. They cause the problems, but do not want to acknowledge their own role in it.

FAR TOO MANY OF THEM have not a clue about separating fact from reality, thus the creatures and creators of the fictional “reality tv” world; and their inherent need to portray Black people on television and in movies and music as nothing more than deserving of white-related racial insensitivity, mistrust, and violence.

It’s only been 525 years, so when ARE we going to get a clue about their animalistic behaviors injected into Black people, some of whom are too dense to understand that they are a sacrificial lamb for white skin rule on Earth, even against the very mouth and mindset of Almighty God Himself?

Those who do these things indulge themselves in their own filth at Black people’s expense, and they have plenty of lunatic whites in Hollywood that back up the images with money, bribing Blacks who value money over life, into their snake dens.

Though this is nothing “new” or News by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, it has escalated beyond what we already knew was happening with young Black males in America just in the last six years alone.

We kumbaya’d the hell out of this in the 1960s, ignored the hell out of it in the 1970s, went into slap denial about it in the 1980s by affirmatively denying our own Blackness in order to get at the last seat and leftover bread crumbs at the tables of white America, got jaded about it the 1990s-going from Black Pride to Black Self-Destruction … and here we are AGAIN in the early 2000s, simply trying our best to regain a sense of Black Pride, but still in deep denial –after more than 525 years of racist history imbedded in this nation’s flag and fiber–about what is really happening here.

It simply wasn’t meant to be, to hear the very essence of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit tell it.

God doesn’t hate “us” for being Black, He created “us” from the silky Black silt of the Upper Nile River Valley at the Garden of Eden, so He meant it when He called it GOOD and VERY GOOD.

This world was not founded upon racism–the wrong people who are NOT creations of God got ahold of the scriptures and murdered them, as well as the WHOLE Truth about who, exactly, we are and where, exactly, we came from.

If everything we’ve seen in the past 7,000-or-so years since white people surfaced on this planet (approximately a quarter million years after the Lord God created the Son of God to run and rule the Earth and then flipped us off BIG TIME when we, again, attempted to be Him and created the ‘son of man’ as if we WERE God Himself) isn’t a message in and of itself, there is nothing else to say.

This is, no matter who says what, the very nature and character of Satan himself, and Master Michael Brown called it in his very last dream; and got it exactly right.

The Fight against the wretchedness of Black folks who have sopped up white people’s hatred of us like a biscuit sops up syrup is well-placed and more than deserved. Be ye not deceived, for God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. – Galatians 6:7

Untwist the Proverbial Noose around Your Neck.

Continued … Part II


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End Note

Yes, the Bible talks about what will become of the world, and what will become of America…but when God the Father, when the Lion of the Tribe, and when the Holy Spirit are talking in the scriptures, He’s talking to Judah’s children ONLY. We had a different calling upon us from the Very Beginning of Time.


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