14 Year Old Chicago Teen Arrested Over Facebook Live Gang Rape


A 14-year-old Chicago teen is the first arrest made in relation to a sexual assault against a 15-year-old girl that was streamed to facebook live, watched by 40 people and initially not reported.

The teen is facing aggravated criminal sexual assault charges and charges related to disseminating child pornography.

There were many offenders involved in the March 19th “Facebook Live Gang Rape” case but due to close ups in the videos it’s proving hard to identify the purportraitors.

The young victim has been harassed online since the attack so the police are also working to ensure she is safe.

The Grio reported:

The girl was reported missing in the afternoon of March 19 after she didn’t come home from a store in Lawndale, Chicago. Sometime between then and the next morning, her mother saw the Facebook Live video of her daughter being assaulted.


That was when the mother made another trip to the police station to show them the live stream. At least 40 people watched the live stream and not a single person reported what was happening.

The teen victim was treated at the hospital and is now at home with her family.

This is so very sad and we really hope that every single person involved can be caught and some justice can be brought to this girl.

The watchers should also be investigated for failing to report a crime, in my honest opinion.


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