You may not have heard of Mr. Cory’s Cookies or the young man behind it, but it is only a matter of time before he is a household name. Cory Nieves is the entrepreneur and energy behind the growing cookie brand and he is excite to be in business.

After moving from the Bronx, NY to Englewood, New Jersey with his mom, Cory had an idea to start selling hot chocolate while riding the bus during the winter. His aim was to buy the family a car.

mr corys cookies“One day, we were on the bus and he just came out and was like, ‘Ma, you know, I wanna get a car or whatever. Cause it’s too cold.’ I said, ‘Cory, how am I gettin’ a car, off of my looks?’ I told him that and then, he said, ‘Well, we can sell hot cocoa,'” said Nieves’ mother Lisa Howard. “And then, he wanted to add something to that, like, something, a dessert base. And he wanted to try the cookies.”

What did Cory know about baking cookies?

“I didn’t really know,” he said. “I just looked it up with some magazines, websites. Looked it up. Little search.

[ADSENSE2]”I didn’t really know,” he said. “I just looked it up with some magazines, websites. Looked it up. Little search. ‘What is this? How you make that?’ And I didn’t like the recipes, so I just started changin’ it around.”

Success struck!

People were very receptive to the young entrepreneurs energy and effort. On the weekends Cory would pull his wagon from business to business servicing his ever growing clientele. The business grew so much, they had to move from his mom’s tiny kitchen to a commercial space.

“We incorporated the business into an LLC corporation, ’cause we couldn’t use our regular kitchen unless this whole house is commercial,” he said.

Selling his cookies for almost $1 each, Mr. Cory’s Cookies sells up to a thousand cookies a weekend. Not bad for a young man with an idea and a dream, huh?

Cory’s mother is the Chief Operating Officer, who is legally required to the baking because of her son’s young age, does the books, finances and cuts the check.

However, it is clear that Cory’s vision is in charge and there is a lot more left in this young man’s tank.

Upon graduating highschool in a few years, Cory plans to attend Princeton University to further his educational exploits, then aims take on the fashion industry next.


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