Marshawn Lynch Saved ALL $49 MILLION of His NFL Salary, Retired from Football, & Opened a Store in Oakland


The Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch has reportedly saved nearly all of his NFL playing money. His saved amount adds up to 49 million dollars. Lynch has taken this unusual decision to save nearly all of his playing money. When he decides to ride off into the sunset he will not have any sleepless nights due to his amassed fortune.

He is nothing like the typical NFL player who has gone through his entire allotment of cash in 2 or 3 years. Lynch is opening his first flagship store Beastmode which is located in Oakland on Broadway.


According to reports, Lynch has a commitment to give some of the store profits to charity. In addition, Lynch has endorsement deals that are plentiful and according to Ian Rapport of the NFL, Marshawn will sleep well with his nearly 50 million dollars in the bank. As mentioned, he is one of the few players to make this wise decision to save his money.

marshawn lynchIt appears Marshawn Lynch has decided to retire from football and it makes sense now that he has worked hard to save his money because he was planning to walk away from the game early.

During the Superbowl this past Sunday, he posted an image of cleats thrown over telephone wires indicated he was hanging them up. The cryptic tweet had many wondering, but the retirement was confirmed by former teammate Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks organization on Twitter.

Well played, Mr. Lynch. Well played!

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