7 Things Marshawn Lynch Can Teach Your Kids…


Marshawn Lynch is retiring from the Seahawks at a very young age and flying in the face of convention! He opened a store in Oakland, he saved a shedload of cash! This football player is someone to look up to in many ways.

Nobody is perfect but there are a lot of role model lessons that Beast Mode has laid out that can be great to teach our kids.

#1. Marshawn saved half of his NFL salary and reportedly has $49 million in savings.
This is basic but important. He had all the cash in the world, I am sure it seems like it’ll never run out BUT he has been diligent and put alot of the cash aside. He knows his career wouldn’t last forever and one day the earnings and sponsorships may run out.

#2. His nickname Beast Mode came from his aggressive (committed) running style.
Wikipedia says “Lynch was nicknamed “Beast Mode”[2] for his aggressive running style, propensity for breaking tackles, and consistent ability to run over defenders.” Basically he works HARD. Something we need to teach our kids!

#3. He opened a store in Oakland.
Lynch’s Beast Mode store just opened in Oakland. This place is establishing his brand, his style and his place. Obviously this is a setup for post-football business. The man is sensible and making use of his legacy to establish himself before people forget his football career, this takes smarts.

#4. His refusal to speak to the press, despite being fined on several occasions, shows he isn’t scared to stand to his own feelings.
This could be seen in a bad light but basically Marshawn was there to play football and he did not want to speak to the press. He put financial gain aside and stuck to his guns. Sometimes he appeased the rules and played with them a bit but overall he just didn’t want to do it. Now, the lesson here is stick to your beliefs and be strong.


#5. He donated $50k raised in fines by fans straight to charity.
This man could have taken the money raised and paid his fine but he personally had the cash for his fine and he knows he was fined for his own misbehavior. He stood up and faced the music and gave the cash to people who needed it.

#6. He has involved himself in the community.
From Wikipedia “While in Buffalo, Lynch embraced the Buffalo community, in stark contrast to former Bills RB Willis McGahee, as noted by an interview with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne. In the video interview, which has become an internet sensation, Lynch talks about his love of Applebee’s, and his teammates joke that he loves chain restaurants. Lynch is also known for his frequent community involvement. In 2013 he was featured in Red Bull’s campaign “Athletes Give Back” when he put together a very successful food drive for his home town.”… Basically Beast Loves his community, we all should!

#7. Marshawn is retiring at 29 showing he isn’t scared to make change.
When football has been your life it must be hard to quit, many run themselves until they can’t function anymore. Lynch has had an amazing career and he is backing out with good cash, a great legacy and a world ahead of him for opportunities. He shows he isn’t scared of change or what people think!

BONUS: #8. He also knows his finances and is the goto 401k man!!! Read more here.

Are there more to add to the list?


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