T.I. Re-Creates Police Killings With Black Officers & White Victims!


T.I is more known for party anthems than political statements and for his reality show fame of late. However the rapper seems to be dipping his feet into the political / activist realm and is starting to make some strong statements and waves.

Now, his new video isn’t really that shocking for the woke of us all but you sure as hell know it will shock a lot of his apathetic pop culture audience!

So, what’s all the fuss?

The new song WarZone features re-creations of police killings switching the color roles. So white officers become black and black victims become white.

Also recently on the Daily Show Trevor Noah pulled T.I. up on glorifying bad behavior and then higglighting injustice and he had a very elegant answer (read his answer and see him talk here).

I like this new T.I.!

Watch the video below:


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