WTF: Can’t Afford Clean Water For Flint, But Israel Is Demanding $50 Billion From U.S. Taxpayers


First off security assistance for between 2007-2017 has been being paid at $3 billion per year! Now, for a country that has a horrific human rights record against it’s neighbor, constantly goes against internationally agreements regarding land borders and protocol, it’s surprising the great moral usa has been honoring this agreement fully!

NOW, Israel is demanding an increase to $5 billion per year when the agreement is to be renewed. This would mean a committed $50 billion from U.S. Taxpayers, at a time when a U.S. city can’t even give it’s residents clean water.

The U.S. was reported to have already offered a $400 million per year increase (according to but Israel are not satisfied!

This is surely wrong on every single level?

In Flint, and now reportedly other cities across USA, lead in water due to contaminated pipes are causing problems that many say are poisoning residents and potentially causing brain damage to children.

Where is the immediate money to fix this? Where are the fast response units supplied by the tax budgets put aside to fix such disasters? Well… we have not really seen them, have we?

Polarizing such issues may not be fair in some cases because security in the Middle East is something that affects us all, especially as this is related to the suez canal and the movement of oil, but surely the well being of a countries people comes first and foremost (especially when it’s spending the money they pay in taxes).

What do you think?


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