Did You Know Ex-NBA Star Jalen Rose Started a College Prep, Charter High School in the City of Detroit?


Jalen Rose is like any other man, father, son and person with a vision to change the world. The only difference between him and millions others is he is putting ACTION where his mouth is and making a difference.

The 13 year NBA star and ESPN/ABC basketball analyst isn’t just a paid talking head during basketball season, Rose makes a difference each and everyday in the lives of our young people. It is easy to talk the talk, but Jalen Rose is walking the walk.

jalen rose leadership academyIn the Fall of 2011, the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy held it’s first academic year and a dream came true for the Detroit native. Along with co-founder Michael Carter, a successful entrepreneur, they are providing an opportunity to over 400 young people each year to gain a quality education that will have them not only college ready, but excited for college and their future.

From the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy’s website:

JRLA Vision: Education in Detroit must play a critical role in transforming the community into a more vibrant intellectual and economic landscape. Jalen Rose Leadership Academy will lead that transformation by providing a vigorous quality education that will empower and enable our future leaders to make a substantial contribution to the growth and revitalization of the great city of Detroit.

JRLA Mission: The mission of the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (JRLA) is to provide a leadership-focused experience within a high-performing high school that engages and inspires Detroit area youth to achieve at the rigorous level necessary to ultimately graduate with a college degree and thrive in life.

In the coming school year, students will experience:

  • A management team with a proven track record of graduating more than 90% of their students from high school, enrolling more than 90% in college, and preparing students to score high on the ACT
  • A rigorous college prep academic program where students are prepared not only to get into college, but to complete college and earn a degree
  • An extended school day and school year to compete with peers in a global economy and succeed in college
  • Extensive college exposure and dual enrollment opportunities through a partnership with the University of Detroit Mercy
  • A Summer Exploration Program with college visits, internships and enrichment opportunities
  • An Advisor for every student who works with the student and his/her family over all four years of high school to keep them on track to succeed
  • A strict discipline policy to create a culture where students can learn and feel secure
  • A strict discipline policy to create a culture where students can learn and feel secure
  • A safe learning environment in a small school setting
  • Interscholastic basketball, track, cross country, soccer, volleyball and cheerleading
  • School uniforms

Many of us say we are sick and tired of the negative story circulating around our community, but how many of us out in the community doing something to change the ills we see on a day to day basis. Maybe more of us should take our cues from Jalen Rose who is working to make a difference.

Source: Jalen Rose Leadership Academy


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