(VIDEO) IS THIS IS REAL??? Black Girl Lynched And Hung On Facebook Live In Front Of A Confederate Flag, WE NEED TO FIND OUT!!


This is extremely disturbing, a video was live streamed showing a black girl being beaten by white men and then hung whilst she struggles and then goes limp. This all happens infront of a confederate flag. The lynching was reportedly streamed to facebook live and Facebook did not remove it after reports, just changed to “adult content”.

The video is being said to be staged and fake but I watched it and it’s extremely disturbing and looks real to me.


Fake or not, the truth needs to be found out, the why, how and who. They need to be dragged in and questioned and if the girl was in on the fake she needs to be given some serious questions too.

I’m begging this is fake and just some sick prank. Please let us know if you have more information.


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16 thoughts on “(VIDEO) IS THIS IS REAL??? Black Girl Lynched And Hung On Facebook Live In Front Of A Confederate Flag, WE NEED TO FIND OUT!!”

    1. Not all hangings break the neck. With the way they slowly raised her it would only result in asphyxiation not broken neck.

    2. What made you think her neck was broken.. You made presumptions about asphyxiation and the process of hanging based on incomplete information. The girl choked on her salvia and even spittles it up not all hangings result in a broken neck stupid fuck.. Also a parylized body can have all sorts of sporadic both neurologically chartable and unchartable voluntary/and involuntary refelxes

    3. Tesmith47: That method of hanging depicted in the video would not necessarily result in a broken neck. I think that you watch too many western movies.


    I got this today also looks very real I hope it’s not but somebody needs to know find out who posted it who this girl is is she okay

  2. Sabrina Krauss

    Horrible and shocking! It needs to be researched by the FBI and real or fake they need to be convicted!

  3. Delphine Abdullah

    This is sick and ridiculous!!!! Fake or not, to allow such a thing to be viewed by billions of people is obsurd?I know that evil exist! It scares me sometimes just to be living on such a world. Showing this is just confirmation that it’s ok to hate, hurt, and abuse. So Facebook you have achieved your goal. You have contributed to spreading hate!?

  4. I too have posted to Facebook for it to be found out WHO posted this get the ip address. FACEBOOK should have never made the go live stream video to post. It has given so many crazy people the ideas to hurt or harm people abd post them being hurt live, also more people have begun posting somethings live between police and people before the full story is told, causing alot of hate. This needs to be taken down. Also Facebook needs to remove go live feed. To help this world put a stop to some of these hate crimes being posted

  5. If this is fake this woman need serious mental help. I don’t know what happen in her life to feel this low about herself but I hope she finds a better way to deal with her pain. At first I wanted to call her all different kind of bitches and hoes but my heart ache for her, you have to be mentally damage, scarred or high to do something like this, there’s no other reason behind it. This is prove how daemonic these racist white people are, its their fantasies to tortured raped and killed us it always have been. This Is their culture.

  6. Please provide any updated information regarding the young girl hung in front of a confederate flag posted in May 2017. It has been more than a year. If no evidence has been found to prove it is fake, what progress has been made toward seeking justice?
    Even worse than seeing this video and not knowing whether its real or not would be to see it and forget about it before finding the truth.
    Racism is a terrible disease. Those who oppose it by exposing it are to be congratulated for their efforts. But those who neglect to report ALL the facts, leaving too much room for speculation, are not exposing the issue but fanning the flames, promoting racism and hatred and ignorance rather than the unity our communities need to combat rascism and intolerance.

  7. The fact that her face can be clearly see, but the men’s faces are blurred tells me it’s probably real. Also looks like a highschool uniform. The girl in that video looks like a baby to me… Like 14.

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