America The Boringful

This country is boring as hell. #thanksTrump


Trending online in the United States of America, Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines


1 Sports. Gag me with a spoon.

2 Celebrities doing nothing meaningful with their lives. If we’re going to talk about them, all there is is the good they are doing in the world with all of that fame and money. Nothing else they do changes our lives a smidgen to the left or right of that.

3 Overly-dramatic TV shows signifying nothing except mental malaise.

4 Trump talking cash-s.h.*.t without consequences and lying to the world at least 7.9 times per day about ‘this, that, the other, AND a third.

5 Stuff and merchandise for sale turned into a latent news story about the ‘latest’ and ‘greatest’ whatevers and whozits and whatchamagigs … with its various industries hoping it goes viral so they can take their Adsense money and run like the Grinch stole something on Christmas Eve.

There are only one of two things that could actually be going on:



Either (a) Trump is absolutely right about #fakenews, and all we ever see trending is stuff from the lowest common denominators that life can afford us; or (b) America is just that boring when it comes to what people are actually reading about online when they don’t have (or make) time to read a good book or do something industrious.

Speaking of which, have there been any good books released lately?

It seems like America is being TOLD what they like to read instead of allowing organic growth to prove it out. The stuff on the NYT Bestseller List is just as hokey as the stuff everywhere else. I have to go all the way back to “Jane Eyre” days looking for something good to read.

Okay, so with all of that noise behind us, seriously, can anyone recommend me a REALLY good book to read?

I mean something that won’t make me want to poke out my mind’s eye afterward?


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