Black Folks With Head-In-Ass Syndrome re: #BlackLivesMatter

It stands to reason why some Black folks celebrate the 4th of July. They are killing one another, so why wouldn't they celebrate their ancestors being killed by white supremacists?


Hold up.

So some dumb ass tacky ghetto trash Black female saunters up liquored-up-while-Black and soaked to the gills with white folks’es profit-making alcohol and drugs on one of the most white racist supremacist holidays in the history of America. She’d never get rich off it, but she was sucking it up like there was no tomorrow.

And then, she has the unmitigated gall to pretend to be a ‘victim’ of something that did not concern her until she made it her business to make it concern her. And she’s screaming about the police being called on her family for hers and their own misbehaviors.

Who’s “Acting White?”

Even worse, she’s an older Black woman acting an ass worse than her own children that she trained to act an ass just like her. She harasses older retired Black women as she staggers down the street looking like the monkey white people say they are.

No one had called the police on them THAT DAY, but her white-ass liquor gave her the boldness to slobber some dumb shit out of her mouth and holler like she’d lost her mind.

If that wasn’t some white-inspired KKK harassment of an older Black women in her own neighborhood, I don’t know what else to call it.

So who’s acting white here, especially when you refuse to give the respect that you demand of others.

Here’s the deal…

We all are well aware of the potential danger of calling the cops on other Black people.

In this day and age, it’s a WELCOME MAT to a potential death sentence…and the darker and more nappy-headed the Black person, the more of a chance that they will be killed by the cops.

There is not one single Black person out here who hasn’t been walking around with their heads stuck in their asses who don’t know that Black people get shot for complying with the cops, let alone for actually breaking the law. Yet, when they break the law, they expect that the police shouldn’t be called just because they ARE Black, as if everybody has to comply with the law, EXCEPT THEM.

In other words, it’s okay for them -these “Don’t Shoot Us” Black folk, that is- to break the law, disturb the peace of others, threaten and harass even senior Black women living alone and trying to live their lives in peace and then turn around and cry out “stop calling the police on us!” even when they DO break the law.

Breaking The Law While Black

It appears to be some Black folks way of saying that they reserve the right to break-the-law-while-Black because of some of the innocent Black people who have gotten killed for __________-(fill in the blanks)-while-Black.

However and yet and still, these same Black folks FAIL to understand the role they play in causing innocent Black people to be killed or harmed or arrested for “doing whatever while Black.” Acking an ass and then wondering why you are getting the fuck harassed out of you while you are harassing the fuck out of other Black people is simply NOT an option.

Then when some shit goes down, you want to know why the older Black people in your community are looking the other way, acting like they didn’t see shit and then whispering behind your back … “Hell , I guess they got what they deserved.”

Why is it happening?

Damn, do you REALLY believe white people are the only ones who are supposed to obey the laws?

That’s where conflict and confusion comes in about what REAL racism is and y’all really need to STOP it.

Stop Calling The Police on Us

“Stop breaking the law on us.”

They say “You call the police on us like white people.” But what the hell is that supposed to mean to Black people who …

(a) Shoot off white people’s fireworks #whileBlack on a white supremacist holiday designed to celebrate their own Black ancestors being chained, beaten, strung up, castrated, cut into pieces, thrown on a grill in chunks with sauce … and fed to the dogs #whileBlack.

(b) Drink white people’s profiteering liquor and soak in white people’s profiteering street drugs #whileBlack though they are sitting their broke asses on Section 8 spending up tax money that they didn’t earn to celebrate this white supremacist barbecue-eating holiday instituted to celebrate the bullying and terrorizing of their Black ancestors #whileBlack.

(c) Disrespect other Black people who worked all their lives to earn the right to live in peace and quiet, and then act “like white people” and harass their own. What the fuck? Are you like the f’ing Black Ku Klux effing Klan or what?


(d) Demand respect from others of any race, and usually won’t give the same respect that they want from others.

(e) Are constantly AND consistently breaking the law and thinking it is allowed just because they are Black, but then here are white people pissed off that it SEEMS the laws only apply to THEM and Black folks break them and walk.

WTF? Really … and WTF doesn’t stand for ‘Well That’s Fine’, either. We know what time it is, and we know why Black people get treated differently — what we don’t know is why Black people are actually intentionally choosing to act like the monkeys and apes that white people say they are, but ‘please don’t insult the apes’ because most of them are smarter than even white people.


You broke it, that’s what.

It’s your fault we no longer have a “The Village”, and it ALL began when you started the crackheaded missive of disrespecting the elders, of thinking you were entitled to other people’s earnings because you refused to figure out how to make a living and pay taxes like the rest of us, and when you decided to listen to and obey white America training you and your children to “kill niggers” in your crap rap music while you wonder what happened after they actually do kill them.

You spoke death to your own elders, to your children, and to your own families and other people in your own ‘hood … and then you get mad when everyone treats you, #ActingAnAssWhileBlack folks, exactly the way you ask to be treated.

And TODAY, you did it on a white holiday designed to make white people rich and ridicule your Black asses with money you say you don’t have while you’re collecting welfare with your broke Black asses.

You find money to turn your own Black ass into a mental basketcase of a white man’s freed-up slave and dishonor your own Black people IN THE VILLAGE that you killed-while-Black, though.

Yet, we act “like white people” for calling the cops when YOU break-the-law-while-Black. Man, are you ever FUBAR (‘FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION‘), all the way to your Black ‘white-ass-kissing’ soul.

Bottom Line

While you’re busy accusing us of “acting like white people” for calling the police while you break-the-law-while-Black, keep in mind that your head is in your ass and you watch too much TV and social media when you need to be paying attention to the real world.

You just spent the ENTIRE day today using government tax funds paid for by the older Black people you are screwing over, while celebrating the fact that white people enslaved your Black ass ancestors on this day in 1776, and then strung their black asses up JUST for being niggers, cut them into pieces and smoked them on a barbecue grill with sauce and fed them to the dogs.

Consider that fact, for every firecracker you pop off on their white supremacist holidays is in honor of them executing Black people for being enslaved-while-Black.

Yet, you wonder why they don’t take your #BlackLives -or ours- seriously…



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