Sympaempathy/Empasympathy For Donald Trump

"It's hard out here for a Pimp...when he gotta make dis money for da rent. But now Trump's got his ho's jumpin' ship." And this time, he has no one to fall back on BUT uneducated overly-empathetic boot-licking Black folks.


For the first time in the history of my nearly 60 years as a citizen of the United States of America, I feel ashamed of being a citizen-member of this nation. This, too, is the fault of the by-product, Donald Trump.

Don’t bother with the “you hate America” piece, because if you’ve ever left the country, I’m more of an American than you are. I’ve never left the continental 48, ever. And don’t give me the “you hate white people” bit either. My white ancestry is Scots-Irish, and since no one is 100-percent anything these days, that makes me just as white AND just as Black as anyone else in this nation.

The USA literally showed the worst part of its ass in allowing Trump to act as “President” of a nation in which he was not duly-elected by its own citizens.

The same thing applied to George Bush The Later, in the early 2000s. Bush actually lost the election to Al Gore. The will of the people was overruled by a Supremacy Court decision, thus proving average Americans are smart enough to elect their own leaders without an Electoral College.

Bush was allowed to sit in an elected seat that turned out not to be his place. It was not his proper position in the world, so Bush’s legacy ended badly, as will Trump’s.

The Bible even tells us that we can elect bad leaders, but we will pay with ultimate consequences for doing so. So we, even those among us who call ourselves “Christians,” owe no “duty” to respect Trump as a president, as a leader, or even as a man of God. He has done nothing to prove himself worthy of that respect.

There is no scripture directing any of us to worship or honor demonic actions in the world, or even to honor their fools and simpletons as leaders among men.

However, Trump is already fried as a president and leader, so if God would demand that we honor demonic activities and the internal inklings of imps or “impanzees”, the Word of God would state that we are to bow down and kiss the devil’s ass, because Satan, too, has a leadership role in the world’s activities. The only good news in all of this is that the simp did it to himself, as did Bush the Later.

[ Hint: There is no “war” with us against North Korea, so Trump had no peace-making role with Kim Jong Un. NONE whatsoever. He went there to use the United States as leverage for his personal business dealings that had nothing to do with this country or its citizenship laity. ]

Trump Created A Leaderless America

Though I’ve never referred to Trump as president unless I was mocking someone else for doing it, I feel bad for him.

He’s worthless, was born to two scamming unscrupulous parents, and is incapable of capturing and marrying anything that is above board on the scale of natural human decency. Trump is useless, and penniless (he owes more than he owns, so he has no choice but to steal from the American people in order to keep up appearances), and since the American people allow the populace theft ‘ad majorum’, so be it.


Trump’s Recent Black History Ruse

Trump can’t pull one over on me with all of this recent “black scenery” and masking that he is hiding behind.

But since Black folks so disparage one another and cut one another down and cause each other so many hard life issues and problems with-OUT white people’s help, it makes it that much easier for the ‘wolves of Wall Street’ in this fraudulent trick-off nation to prey on the weak and lame. For the most part, that be us.

Let’s just say that any time a white man of that order has to depend on weak-minded lamenting Black people who don’t represent the majority of Black America in order to stay legitimate, he’s on his last legs. Typically, they don’t need us for jack. But then, there is the thought that the “revenge of Bill Cosby” is about to hit that white pussy-grabbing precedent in the nutsack.

So now Trump is like an ‘OJ Simpson’-type. He is pimping the Black community for media favors in order to stay legitimate. By associating his name with dumb Blacks like Kanye and deceased Black heroes who really don’t need his so-called “pardons,” Trump appears to be expecting “us” Black folk to wholesale kiss his racist white behind when his own kith and kin show up to take him behind the shed for a well-deserved ass-whipping.

We shouldn’t even want Trump’s kind of nasty associated with the names of our national Black heroes, dead or alive. He is beneath them all. He’s also beneath the dignity of that office and the last legitimately-elected and still living African-American President and mostly white American hero, Barack H. Obama.

Salty White Tears

But … here we Black folk go again with the “falling for salty white tears” ruse. Even Obama and others like him are guilty of doing the same.

Trump is now having his ass handed to him by the more sensible among his breed and race. Once again, he has his insiders telling one lie after another to cover for him. They are dutifully exposed for what they are, so their attempts to cover are doing them no good.

His rejectors are right, and yet, every time we fall for these strange white tears, things always get worse for us overall as a nation.

Well, to be sure – this time – when it’s all said and done, we will have absolutely no one to blame for it but ourselves.



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