Black America, Seriously? You Need to Shudu…p

Seriously, Black folks? Becoming white-like racists in your own internalized attitudes don't help the fight against it. It might behoove you to DEFINE racism -correctly- before you think anything you think and feel is racist just because you think so.


Reporting from Internet Outerspace at Naturally Moi – “A London-based photographer and digital artist, Cameron-James Wilson, has sparked outrage on social media, more especially from the black folks who have criticized him for creating a stunning dark-skinned model, Shudu gram, who is one of a kind. The 28-year-old self-taught photographer created Shudu after teaching himself 3D, using online resources and YouTube videos.”

Black folks need to stop tripping, seriously.

Truly anyone who watches a whoremonger like Kim Kardashian and her entire family and makes them rich and famous just because she showed the world a video of her legs up in the air with a big Black one shoved between them needs to stop hollering about “real” models. The Kardashians aren’t even REAL celebrities for that matter.

If you backed up and financed the white “model”, who has NO talent and who is only famous for screwing a Black man who happened to have a famous sister and a public romance triangle with the late Whitney Houston, then you need to back up and finance the Black model — experience or none.

Get real.

It ain’t about the photographer being white, it’s about the SISTAH-who is the striking color of the Far Eastern creative antiquities-the race that happened before Black folks thought race-mixing with whites would be all “cute.”

Hell, it wasn’t. Skin spots and varicose veins from aging just don’t look right on Black folks…

Anyway … You all sit here and tolerate a white supremacist for President, who was nothing more than a reality show celeb who faked his way into fame like he faked his way into the Oval Office, yet and still criticized the Black man who earned his way there, experience and all. Then we’re suddenly all “black-righteous” and Soul Patrol-ly because a white photographer, Cameron-James Wilson, found this gorgeous BLUE-BLACK woman –SHUDU– and took an excellent photo of her that went viral on social media.


BBQ Eaters in White Skin
Last week it was two BLACK COOKS losing their jobs at a school cafeteria because some high falutin’ Negroes had the unmitigated gall and audacity to call a BBQ lunch “racist” when it was served for a Black History Month lunch meal (like your ass don’t eat BBQ and plenty of it) – and this week, it’s a white photographer with a sharply Black model, one who did an excellent job in sapphire black, silver, and orange.

Well, I got news … THEY eat plenty of BBQ, and more bananas, fried chicken, AND watermelon than we can get our lips wrapped around-and will eat it faster than you, too.

The spirit of jealousy is what got us (our ancestors, that is) in slave chains in the first place. Stop it. Get out of your ‘feelings’ on this one, for real.

The model, Shudu, is GORGEOUS! The photographer did a fabulous and timely job with the shot.

The End



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