The 6 Publicity Sales Tactics: How Donald Trump Gaslights the World with Unmatched #Fakenews Appeal

Never mind that Trump's presence proves that President Obama's presidency was not only crafted in utter perfection, but was totally honest and above reproach -- because as a Black man, President Obama would NEVER have gotten to the White House with Trump's reputation. Black folks would have stomped him before a white person could get their hands on him. So, what else do we need to prove to them?: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!


gerund or present participle: gaslighting
manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

As nearly everyone with two licks of sense knows by now, Donald Trump’s American-unelected ass has been in office for more than a year without anything that looks like a hinterland of a whisper that he will be expurgated from his illicit Russia-granted position anytime soon.

In a senseless move to prove white supremacy still rules the world, the gnostic hotheads of America pulled together in a tea-partyesque move to move Trump into the White House in a manner in which he didn’t even realize was possible until it was too late.

Their angst to prove white supremacy was still en vogue in America did nothing more than make them all look like a bunch of worldwide jackasses. However, we can laugh at them all now because they’ve really hurt no one but themselves. Trump helped them precariously slip themselves into the back end of a donkey suit, so now all that’s left now is the certain tick-tock of the clock to help put them in their rightful place in society where they have belonged all along…on the back of the bus and in the graves in which they tried to bury us.

The Double-Standard That Applied to Barack Obama

The Black man, Barack Obama, had to attain a sense of perfection in his standards that no white man would have been held accountable for. All they did in rostering Trump was prove that Black people are smarter and had been right about their kind all along.

On a personal tip, I learned about gaslighting while having to deal with some industrious whores and heroin addicts who were the drug addicts and sexual deviants that they tried to make me out to be.

See, there is nothing some whites love better than proving that their skin color is a winner even when they are sinners. In a court of law, where they can be proven as malfeasant and defective liars, all they do is ‘gaslight’ their opponents, usually the Black ones, into believing that they did not see what they did see and did see what they did not see.

In other words, if a white person opposes you in court, even when you can prove you are telling the truth, YOU are the one who is crazy. Though you are fully in your senses, they can use your righteous sense of wanting to be fair and honest and accurate as a weapon to defeat you.

By preemptive strikes, they will use your holy hifalutin’ need to tell the truth in order to convince you that you are insane or mentally non-functional, even though there was nothing wrong with the evidence that you had in the first place.

Here are the main ways a “gaslighter” will use to sell you on the idea that you have lost your mind when all available evidence points to the actual truth and not the ‘alternative facts’ that they so easily manufacture just to make their wrongs credible:

1) Humor Appeal – Suddenly, shit that isn’t funny becomes “humorous” at your expense, because they have to convince themselves and you that something is wrong with the way you think and your honed sense of logic. A humor appeal uses laughter and playfulness to “cut through the clutter” and make themselves seem likable and more sensible. By creating an illusion of lusty humor, the laughter automatically frames you as someone to joke about, because there is no way you can be right as long as they say you can’t be. It doesn’t matter what kind of proof or evidence you have, make it ‘funny’ so everyone can play it off like YOU have an issue that is laughable, not them.

2) Scarcity Appeal – A scarcity appeal creates FOMO (the “fear of missing out”) by encouraging people to believe that if they are missing a smaller element of their understanding of a certain bigger situation, then everything else they can possibly think is dead wrong. The proposition is “all or nothing,” make the person being gaslighted feel as if they are so flawed in their reasoning that nothing they think or believe -or can prove- is right. Either you are perfectly right on all counts, or totally wrong.

3) Rational Appeal – Some people are driven by emotions over reason, especially when the damage of racism is so deep and pervasive that it sticks out like a sore thumb. The Black person who is being gaslighted is induced into believing they are paranoid or “crazy” when they understand the racism perfectly. A stealth intercepting attack launched at you is designed to numb you and make you feel as if you are overreacting. Their overreaction, of course, is in fact, normalized. This is the kind of technique used wholesale on Black America when it comes to the highly publicized murders of folks like Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and so many others like them. Even when ALL evidence shows that these people were murdered for absolutely no conceivable or logical reason, their ‘past behavior’ is used as leverage to convince Black people and the public-at-large that the murdered persons “deserved” to die for no reason, or “killed themselves,” and/or “got what they deserved” when no such thing was logical or feasible. The ‘past behavior’ of a white person is excusable, but not yours. Your humanity is downgraded to accommodate their racist belief systems.


4) Emotional Appeal – The racism that is America is a standardly accepted social faux pas that makes “white right” and Black always wrong, no matter what. The familiarity with racism is as comfortable for some Black people as it is for most white people. They usually and typically lie so much that they have convinced themselves they are telling the truth even when it is woefully obvious that they are nowhere close to the facts. Things like this will cause them to always be on “Nicole Brown Simpson Defensive Payback Mode” even when they have been proven wrong. They will also “OJ”-ize every wanton murder as if the hundreds of thousands of whites who got away with lynching and murdering Black people in America long before Brown-Simpson was ever born means nothing. Their supremacist emotions cause them to lose all sense of humanity in their logic because their American skin-privilege gauge allows them to be out of touch with reality while all the while convincing you that it is you who have no handle on the truth.

5) Sexual Appeal – Sex sells. It is a known fact that a two-cent “ho,” as some would call it, can walk into a court of law and gain sympathy according to her looks, body and how tightly woven around her body parts that her clothing is. It is not a joke or a “tv show hook” that even men sitting on judge’s benches can be swayed to act on sex appeal, and can also be hurtful and mean to an opposing party who is “not as good-looking” as the favored party. The P-Factor is a gaslighting tactic that is enticing to horndog men who think with their penises instead of their brains.

6) Fear Appeal – Fear plays on the real or perceived risk of experiencing negative consequences related to vulnerability. This is a highly revered play-factor with Black people who are already of the mindset that nothing they say or do is going to matter regardless. They feel and sense that white is going to win out, no matter what, because it usually does – even when the available proof says they shouldn’t.

Trump’s Imaginary Self-Importance in America is Not a Historical Truth, but … anyhoo …

Trump uses these constant “white lie” tactics to ‘gaslight’ the nation into believing he is something that he is not. He tells us that we are all crazy for telling the truth and for calling things what they are with him – on some serious bullshit. Even when the news organizations have all of their fact-duckies lined up in a watertight row, Trump calls it all [#fakenews] without even reading it – IF he can read, that is.

Trump wants America to think he is deserving of military parades, Nobel “peace” prizes (guffaw!), accolades, honors, and even respect that he does not give to others and truly has not earned.

If he is not given these things by right of self-declaration, everyone is “crazy” except him. Of course, everyone is wrong and prints “fake news” — except him. Yet, Trump is the highest purveyor of #fakenews ever in the history of the nation.

Trump pays people to tell him what he wants to hear when he wants to hear it the way he wants to hear it, even if it is more than obvious that the news being rendered is false and without merit or credibility. He does so much false living that he feels the whole world is just like him.

For instance, when Trump paid a medical doctor to sign falsely certified documents saying Trump was barely more than 200 pounds and in “great health,” though people’s eyes were not deceiving them on the fact that he is overweight, eats the most unhealthy diet, and his actions show advanced signs of dementia and delusions of grandeur about his true place in the world. Trump constantly has “yuuuuge” crowds of people at his events, BIGLY, but we all know that if he wasn’t paying people to attend, they wouldn’t be there. There are very few people who would volunteer to listen to a 70-something-year-old juvenile delinquent talk about anything that needs to be taken seriously.

Even the outgoing white female Trump advisor, Hope Hicks, admitted that she had blatantly told “white lies” on behalf of Trump, even as news reports have shown that he lies on an average of 5.5 times per day, fifty times more lies than President Obama is catalogued as having told in eight years time.

But he (Trump) can lie, pay others to lie, and #fakenews it with the best of his brand. He then manages to gaslight the nation, or at least his similarly-situated imaginary friends into believing something is wrong with them when it’s really him.

The Trumpean Gaslighting of America Gaslighting: “When those who lie consistently call you a liar, make you believe it, and also manage to make you think you’re crazy or paranoid when you call them on it.”



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