WORD: Will Packer’s New Movie Tells The Story Of A Young Nubian Queen


Will Packer has just gone up 100/100 in respect for this move. He told The Grio:

“While I’m in that position, I have to take advantage of it,”

“There is nothing wrong with the Ride Along’s and Girl’s Trips, but I also have to take that opportunity to tell a story like Warrior Queen, which I’m hoping my daughters will see and go, ‘WOW. She looks like me and she’s great.’”

Yes, Warrior Queen will tell the Ancient Egyptian true story of Queen Amanirenas who ruled over the Kush Kingdom of Nubia, one of the wealthiest kingdoms in ancient Africa. She stood up to the attempts to invade from Rome and pushed them to surrender and give up! A strong powerful story.


The movie was picked up by NBC Universal. Packer is currently writing the script and Mark Rosenthal and is eager to produce.

In the meantime Girls Trip will be hitting the cinema, let’s call it a light warm up! Watch the trailer below and read more about Warrior Queen here on The Grio.

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