Racist Petition Circulates at Maryland High School Asking Students to Declare White Supremacy


A petition circulated Arundel High School last week distributed by the “Kool Kids Klan” urged students to let there voices be heard. The letter was confiscated by school officials with two signatures on the petition. The petition used racial slurs and negative stereotypes when referencing black people.

“This is a PSA for the true-blooded Americans out there,” it read. “As they always have and will continue to do, lowly African-Americans … have stolen from the supreme white race. The inferiors have claimed the word nigger as their own.”

“As everybody knows, white people invented the word nigger, and as such, it is only fair that we get to use it,” the petition continued. “After all, negroes invented rape, stealing, basketball and bastards, and they get to use those all the time!”

“Do your civic duty, and make sure everyone knows their proper place below whites,” it concluded.

School officials say they are outraged and shocked which I always find hard to believe. Especially when Anne Arundel Community College has experienced a string of racists incidents, such racists graffiti including a swastika being painted on school property. No they aren’t the same school but most ignorant people are sheep and follow blindly without knowledge. And often situation occur in schools that they turn a blind eye to until something forces them to pay attention.

Racist and discrimnitory acts continue to occur in schools around the country and whether the acts are criminal or not there are rarely any repercussions. A mentally disabled black student was called racial slurs and picked on regularly and his attempts to reach to the school for help constantly went unanswered. Even when his racist classmates decided to sydomize him on school property still nothing. They walked away with community service!? Wow, stop expecting these hateful people to care about us and our children, when we finally realize they don’t care we will put ourselves in winning positions. You lose everytime you depend on someone that doesn’t have your best interest at heart.


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