If History Was Written In Reverse | How Different Would White People Be Today?


Let me start off by saying not all white people are bad or “devils” like Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad suggested. However, you can’t deny their history of destroying us as a culture. They have murdered, raped, and enslaved us for years. But I’m not telling you something that you didn’t already know.

Consider this, how different would things be if the rabbit had the gun? How would the earth look if we enslaved them? Could they handle what we endured? Could they just want equality and not revenge? In fact, white people should be happy we only want equality and not revenge.

How do you think black people would have acted? Would we have kept enslaving them, raping them, and etc? Or would we have been compassionate and ended everything? My guess is that white people could not handle what we have endured. Hell, they didn’t even know how to bathe before the Moors taught them everything they know. Nonetheless, this theory is a great one to debate.

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