Man Cheers for End of “Obamacare”, Then Learns His ACA Insurance Is the Same



An unknown man decided to display his excitement for the Senate’s vote to repel Obamacare. This man, who shared his excitement on social media, quickly found out he fell into a large group of people who have absolutely no clue what Obamacare is. His ignorance lead him to the conclusion that soon he would be uninsured because in fact he has or should I say had “Obamacare.”

For those who did not know the Affordable Care Act is Obamacare and it’s actually going to cost more to repel it than to keep it in place. It was an effort by Obama to insure our elderly could receive the medical attention they need by forcing everyone to be insured. Although many of us didn’t like it, the good thing was we didn’t have to be afraid of getting sick or hurt because we were forced to have insurance and in a sense we were paying for the elderly’s health insurance as well.

And for those white americans who thought it was a good idea to put Trump in office this is your first lesson, your igorant hate for others has just screwed you. He will help the wealthy become wealthier, the only color Trump sees is green.

The entire thread of his clueless finding.

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