Colin Kaepernick Donated His Entire Sneaker Collection To Homeless Shelters In The Bay Area


Colin Kaepernick is making us fall in love with him more and more. This guy is not just talking about helping black people and what needs to change in the community, he is taking action and changing it himself. I truly believe this is what Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X really want us to do. We need less talking and more action.

Colin Kaepernick has taken more action by giving away his entire shoe collection to the homeless. I can only imagine how much that is worth. And honestly, it seems like Colin Kaepernick doesn’t care. The only thing this brother care about is is he making a difference. This is an attitude we all should have. If we all took on this attitude, we would shift the paradigm of the world.

Hats off to Colin Kaepernick! I hope he inspires more of us to follow suit and help each other. We have to break out of this “Live the American dream” bullsh*t which comprises of I’m going to get mine so you better get yours. We need to lift as we climb. If you are well for yourself, help another brother/sister do well for themselves.

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