Cornel West is a sloppy western capitalist mess. #tearsofaclown-style

He speaks like Donald Trump, only with some presumed authority that he really does not have.

We know why President Obama didn’t kiss West’s Black behind the entire eight years he was President, and West is still sore over not getting invited to the Big Old Timers Table to hustle his particular brand of “Black neglect” and get paid for it.

He (POTUS) knew what time it was when he got there because he had had the pleasure of making you all’s Black acquaintances beforehand through the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). That said,

Dear Dr. Cornel West:

Your legacy, along with those like you, was enough to send the President hand-holding the Black community on “My Brothers Keeper.” As many times as he gave you all a direct audience to tell him what the plan was for Black America — based on our history, and where are we going in the future — you all [just like Republicans messing with “Obamacare], didn’t have a plan to begin with. At least not anything that was going to benefit Black people.

If you had not done it in 50 years before Obama got to D.C., you weren’t about to get it done this time either.

A friend said it best with regard to Cornel West: #PityYourPovertyTour, which is exactly right.

What happened to that, Dr. West? That “Poverty Tour” show you all were putting the dog on? Was it a workable, viable, sustainable plan, or a ploy just to get attention and sell tickets to the “white folk-bashing” arena shows?

In all the years before Barack Obama was elected President, you and your cohorts got nothing done; you got nothing done whilst he was there, and if history has this down correctly, you’re not going to get anything done in Black America long after he’s gone and relaxing with his Presidential benefits from that “Hope and Change” tour that handed him something you will never have. Not even reparations will you accomplish, because if it was to be — you’d have had it done and waiting for him to sign when he got there in January of 2009, so we’d at least have had something REAL to bitch about if he did not sign it.

Trump Impact

Dumbkopf GA Krakka
Dumbkopf GA Krakka
Let the world see the United States of Russian-America for what is really is in the heart, mind and spirit of Donald Trump. After this day, I’m done using foul language and expletives for the rest of this year, damn it.

Anger over a Black man being elected President got white America in a bind, once again, that they are not going to be able to get themselves out of.

He (Trump) is a white man’s burden just as Bush was, not ours. This ain’t even our fight, truly, but I’d be willing to bet donuts to dollars that you and your friends show up at his supremacist doorstep, hat in hand, talking about some “Black issues” that you aren’t in touch with yourself.

Black people told them white folks that slavery was not a good idea; we told them that racially disenfranchising Black people economically was not a good idea; we told them that white supremacy and white privilege was not a good idea; we told them that a war on Vietnam and on Iraq was not a good idea … and every single ONE of those things turned out to be amongst the hundreds of worst mistakes this nation has ever made.

These gestapo-like holocaust politics coming out of white people have come to exact a heavy toll on the USA and it isn’t even done yet. Apparently, they didn’t get the message LAST TIME they tried this. And they actually think “Trump and Pence-type White Supremacy” is a good idea. LOL.

Wait for it…

Dr. West, what else can white America do to us that hasn’t already been done?

They can’t kill us all without destroying themselves before they are finished, and they know it…more than 80-percent of this world is still made up of Black and colored people and all of them don’t ‘talk schit and take schit like American Negroes’; so …

Now that “European-Americans” can no longer hide behind that whitewashed facade of industriousness and symbolized fake purity and outstanding moral character that was never a product of this nation’s fabric in the first place–all because they got mad over a Black man being elected President–let us suffice it to say this: They can’t hide it any more.

They can run but they cannot hide. They can’t do anything worse to us at this point than what was already done before they are utterly destroyed themselves, and that is a “circle of life” fact.

In the meantime, we/us Black folks -‘scuse me, AFRICAN AMERICANS – can no longer afford to cover this nation’s white privileged ass.

Dr. West, take your sad pitiful Obama tears to Donald Trump now and see if he’s paying out any more “Captain Save-A-Negro” government funds.

The days for messing with President Obama’s life and legacy are OFFICIALLY over, and so are your white supremacist friends who agree with you.

President Obama’s legacy is yet to be written and you, sir, have proven yourself unqualified and unequal to the task.

The vast majority of us hyphenated-Americans know that he did the right thing by all of us to the best of his ability. Besides, as I said in 2009 in my book “The United States of Georgia,” he and his wife and his daughters and their grands and great-grands to come are set for life no matter what happens to us now.

Our Black issues were never his gut problem in the first place, and he said so. He said from the start “I won’t be in office long and this is not about me. It’s about YOU,” and we didn’t have the wherewithal in this cotton-picking Black “leadership” stance in the New Millennium, this the Joshua Generation, to even give him a reason to care.

Don’t talk about what he did for other people and factions, the gays, the Jews, the Mexicans, the Latinos, the whatevers … .

They were expecting him to win when Black folks were hollering “they” weren’t going to LET him win. I watched them gearing up and getting their duckies in order and preparing for a win. They had their agendas in place and at least a general consensus that they would work together “as one.”

Black folk, on the other hand, waited until damned close to the last minute to get on the Obama Party Train, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t take them/us four years to decide work needed to be done and another four years of not getting it done to decide what HIS legacy was going to be. #DealBreakerPolitics You didn’t tell on President Obama’s legacy, West, you told on your own. Don’t blame your scheit on him.

You had an audience with him — a direct line to engage, and you failed to engage. Your “Blackish” cover has been blown, Cornel West; and you did it to yourself.



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