Toya Is The World’s First Jamaican Patois-Speaking Doll And She Is Awesome!


Toya is “a confident and beautiful young girl” who recently moved to the U.K. from Jamaica. Toya is a doll, a doll created by a frustrated mother!

Saffron Jackson wanted to buy her daughter a doll. Saffron is a 38-year-old Jamaican teacher who resides in the UK. There were no dolls like her and her daughter! So, the frustrated mother decided to create one! And the first doll of the Zuree Doll line was born!

She told the Jamaica Star

“The idea behind this is to show little girls that regardless of their skin tone or hair texture, they’re indeed beautiful,”

“Hence, the name Zuree. It come from Swahili, and it means beautiful.”

Remember to order your first talking Jamaican Patois Doll NOW at

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Watch a clip of Toya saying “Wah gwaan? Weh yaa seh? Me name Toya, and me a wah Zuree Doll from the beautiful island of Jamaica.” below!

The dolls are not cheap, $60 each, but since their launch in Novemeber business has been booming with orders from across the globe! There is hope that the price will come down in the future as sales rise.

You can find the doll at

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