John Lewis On Differences Between Civil Rights Movement & Current Day


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As the increasing influx of racial inequities seem to increase, there’s always a discussion on our journey as African-Americans. Police brutality isn’t a new advent. White supremacy isn’t a concept created out of thin air. Racialized assaults on African-American citizens are decades old, century’s even. Come to think of it, the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t that long ago.

Ever since George Zimmerman was acquitted for his murder of Trayvon Martin, we’ve seen the rise of a new social movement. This movement encompases all of the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement and includes the renewed rise to prominence of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Social media has become a tool in getting the messages we feel are central to our stability as a people out to the masses, maneuvering past the neglect that the mainstream media shows us. However, no matter what we do we always stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. We recognize that without the Civil Rights movement, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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Congressman John Lewis was an essential fixture in the movement. A Fisk University graduate he attended sit-ins and marches, even standing alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Recently, he made a trip to Miles College to impart knowledge on the students about what we’ve overcome. Standout Miles College Junior and journalist Kamara Daughtry secured an exclusive interview with him about his time participating in the Civil Rights movement as a young college student and his opinion on the generational difference between college students of this era and college students now.

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