How Will Black People Celebrate “White History Month” in March 2017?


Eddie M. Trump
Eddie M. Trump on White History Month
Oh, this is an easy one. Quite funny, too, all things considered.


They got 31 days in White History Month because … well, because they’re white and that says all it needs to say. We got 28 “and a possible” in Black History Month because … well … whodahayell knows why? Trump’d by jacks over kings?

So … let’s start off with decoding whitespeak, or “anglobonics“: When white folks say “Take America Back,” what they mean is “Take America Backward,” and when they say “Make America Great Again,” what they really mean is “Make America Great and White Again.”

Let’s take a good look, because for a minute … we thought we finally had it right; but then you know, “stuff” happens.

It seemed that President Obama’s election stopped a long-running history of nobody but white males being qualified to be President of the United States. And with Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party nomination, some folks thought they had finally surpassed the POLITICAL GLASS CEILING that had nothing but tiny white hairy balls and teeny pink ding-dongs hanging all over it. But … #Not

As we help them to commemorate their much-desired and hard-won White History Month in March of this year, we take a sober and giddy look at how to round it all out and inform them of parts of their white history that they are apparently unaware of.

Like …

1) Abraham “Africanus” Lincoln, the white man with the Ethiopian mother and white American father who pretended to be a white man who allegedly set some Black slaves free, though he never did any such thing. White history loves to say “they” set “us” free, but the truth is, a Black man pretending to be a tanned white man did it … inadvertently. – The Lincoln Catechism

2) In Memoriam of the 4,742 mass incorporated government and justice system-endorsed lynchings of whites and Chinese and Blacks all done by white people between 1882 and 1968 that did not end in 1968 and still continues to this day. These lynchings and continuous lynchings, of course, don’t include the many hundreds of murdered and infested Natives who were minding their own business in their own homeland.

3) Never forget: The white history-inspired “Red Scares” of the early 20th century and the one after World War II that never materialized. Besides, it was apparently not scary enough to keep Donald J. Trump from being elected President by what they once referred to as a bunch of “commie pinkos” in Russia. In their history, white nationalists thought it not robbery to call the former U.S.S.R. a communist country when it never happened. As a matter of fact, Russia was and is more rooted in SOCIALISM than it ever was communism. To this day, it calls itself a ‘semi-presidential federation’, which means essentially nothing at all except that they are very much the socialists that white America loves to hate on. And it was “those” same foreign socialists who helped them hijack an election and declare a socialist Russian the boss of an un-elected American president.

In white history, one has to always remember and commemorate the fact that they continually scare themselves smack into the very center of the very thing they say they fear the most.

4) As we head to the ending of the third and final dispensation of slavery of Black and colored peoples in European countries and the Americas, we should be prepared -not for a Trump presidency- but for a final death knell to the centuries old call of racism worldwide.

Though white history month will not remember President Obama kindly by any stretch of the imagination, it was his presence that was a warning sign as to the end of it once and for all. Those foolish enough to believe that Donald J. Trump is their “last great white supremacist American hope” have been educably duped and foiled, once again…and as always, they did it to themselves.

The Lord God and True Messiah, not ‘white jesus’, is still on the throne of ultimate justice, and He never did think white skin was a tithe of a tenth as important as far too many very spooky Black people once did and still do.

5) Weird little “Second Amendment rights” in the U.S. Constitution that were allegedly made for gun-toting murderous white citizens to protect themselves against a government that they can’t protect themselves against because the government is bigger and has more and bigger arms. Let white history month bring into focus a bunch of confused fake Matt Dillon cowboy loons singing “Ain’t that white America?” Cuz this backfires on them in approximately 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … wait for it … .

6) White acceptance of the thorough nakedness of a white foreign prostitute and porn queen who can’t speak English at all without reading someone else’s words, over and above the bare arms of a highly educated American Black woman who speaks their beloved “American English” vernacular very well and dresses like a real Queen is all that needs to be said about how white White History Month must be remembered for, forever.

7) White History Month must be acknowledged and given its due in the form of Black supporters and forgers ahead of white supremacy who also prefer a good ‘massafied @r$$-whipping’ on a continuing mental plantation rather than working out their own salvation and freedoms under the auspices of true Black leadership.

When certain Black people were given the opportunity of a lifetime to prove what they were really made of from 2008 to 2016, they opted out for the Dime Show Storefront UnConscious Drama over the necessary leadership work that would have healed our own Homefront and righted the centuries old wrongs. It opted out for the same as white supremacists and #blamedObama where they failed themselves, once again.

But, we gotta give credit where credit is due this White History Month. They’ve got a lot of headstrong and willing Black folks REAL good and solid in their hip pockets. It doesn’t take a bullet for those ones; white winds blow their way and they simply fall over and go limp like a piece of floating pocket lint.

8) And those whitenized fake stories about “Tea Parties”?

Never let it be forgotten that although the Boston Tea Party of 1773 was all about “no taxation without representation” by the Queen of England and not about the Republican Party, contrary to that historic event, these Tea Partiers had already been very under-taxed and over-represented.

Since Black people had worked and paid white folkses way since the 1400s and as ‘official legal’ slaves since 1619, their endeavors to prove “American patriotism by tea partying” was an automatic failure of the supreme test of their own white history.

Never mind that the Boston Tea Party of their own white history had nothing to do with anything they were talking about in 2009…as long as it was covered over in white nationalism and racist rants and demands, just know that they would never have passed a US Citizenship test if such questions about their own white history were required of them in order for them to be able to vote.

Hell, suffice it to say that if Black people ever required a Poll Test in order for white people to vote, very few of them would pass it; especially if it covered any aspect whatsoever of America’s Black History besides the parts they make up as they go.

9) White History Month advocates cannot afford to overlook a 200-Plus Year Old Constitution that has no real meaning and no context in today’s America, though it is an ancient relic that is still doted upon as if it is current. #not

It’s a sticking point with a broken record of a patriotic scratched surface of an old lark song that was meant to substantiate white rights for all eternity and never intended that the Black slaves of the time would ever be set free.

In all of their alleged “white male genius” and specious “forward-thinking-ness,” they never once contemplated nor embraced true Christianity, as it is often said they did.
It is more than obvious that they had not read a Bible in its entirety or in context, let alone held it up to the light of world history and not just their own tunnel-visioned minds.

If they had, they’d have written an “exit plan” for racism and slavery into the U.S. Constitution; simply because the Bible, if they were REALLY Christians, would have told them that Black people would not remain slaves in a foreign land for all eternity.

The Bible tells us so. To Be Continued …


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