INSPIRING: Black Panther Auntie Frances Helps Pack Lunches For Survival Food Program!


The Black Panther free breakfast program was revolutionary, it got food to those inner city kids that seriously needed it. Sadly the panthers can’t do this good anymore under their name but they inspired and now the grassroots food justice and self-determination organization “Self-Help Hunger Program” is following in the footsteps and preparing survival food packs for those that need it.

October was the Black Panther 50th Anniversary. On facebook they had a great post showing their work, they posted:

Self-Help Hunger Program founder and Black Panther Auntie Frances helped pack hundreds of bags of fresh, organic produce, similarly to the Panthers’ food program. Much like Self-Help’s Tuesday meal, these programs serve the basic survival needs of the people, all while building the strength, relationships and organization necessary to fight the long-term struggle needed for political revolution.

Support grassroots food justice today by donating to the Self-Help Hunger Program!

With the awesome images seen below:

Learn more, help or donate here: Self-Help Hunger Program

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