The Reason NFL Star Andre Johnson Took Kids On A $20k Christmas Shopping Spree


On Wednesday morning Andre Johnson, a former NFL wide receiver, did what he has been doing for the past 9 years now. He took a bunch of kids and brought them for a Christmas shopping spree.

A dozen kids in need went with Andre to Toys R Us in S.W. Houston and went wild! They had 80 seconds to grab what they can! And they did damn good, racking up a $20k bill.

Shirley Bright, one of the lucky kids, said:

“We came by here on Saturday and we looked around and just kind of getting ideas of what he wanted to get and his sister wanted some things,”

Johnson worked with Child Protective services to find the kids that most suited. His reasons for the yearly generosity were summed up when he said:

“When you grow up in certain situations you kind of understand so, there were times when I was not able to get what I wanted for Christmas,”Johnson shared. “So I know that a lot kids don’t get what they want for Christmas. This idea was brought to me and I just kind of took it and ran with it.”

A fun and beautiful gesture.

Below is the video from ABC13.

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