Rosario Dawson To Play Women’s Rights Activist Donna Hylton


Woman’s rights activist, criminal justic reform advocate, accomplished public speak, and so much more! Donna Hylton is one of those inspiring women that seemingly can do anything.

And she reached this point after traumatic events early in her childhood.

Now, a biopic based on the life that led her to where she stands today is being adapted. It will be based on her Memoir ‘A Little Bit of Light’.


Hylton was lured from Jamaica to USA as a child. She endured abuse from her adopted father, incarceration and eventually got herself together and made the world a better place.

Hylton served a 27 year sentence for her involvement in the kidnap and murder of a real estate agent when she was 19! She was released in 2012. She went onto earna Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science and a Master of Arts Degree in English from Mercy College. She became a community health advocate for Coming Home. They help people in the transition from Prison to home meeting their psychosocial needs.

Rosario Dawson is attached to the project to play the amazing woman.



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