Uber Killer? Black Owned Ride Sharing App Launches for Both Passengers and Drivers


RideApp is the name of the app that one Michael Dewalt a black young techprenuer developed.

With two different apps for both the customer and the driver “RideBe a driver” and “Ridebe a passenger” the app enables drivers to book customers and for customers to book a ride instantly or in advance thus saving on waiting time.

With RideApp, you can be guaranteed to book a reliable and safe ride anywhere anytime.

Michael “Mike” Dewalt, says he was inspired to develop a black-community focused app after realizing there was a loophole in similar apps like Uber and Lyft.

The app has already received investments from tech investors having launched in android and iOS appstore. The app comes with different payment options like an option to pay using a linked and registered credit card or cash.

Also it has an integrated gps tracking system, helping the driver and the passenger to see real time location of the vehicle and destination on google maps.

The app, launched on May 2016, has so far received a lot of positive user reviews on both google play and app store.

With other advanced features that enable the passenger to see estimated fare for the ride it has managed to gain recognition in the tech world and fast penetration into the competitive market. RideApp allows the user to book a ride in advance for travelers or grocery shopping.

It also offers an option for hiring luxurious cars 24/7 around the city with an option standard or SUVs.

The app has managed to gain a lot of popularity especially among the black community in very little time since its launching.

The Ride be a driver app and Ride be a passenger app both show a very promising future.

If you are looking for an alternative to Uber or Lyft and want better, easier to use, cheaper and efficient services then RideApp is just for you.




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