Afro-Centric Summer Camp in Brazil is Sparking Controversy from Whites | Surprised?


A race-oriented summer camp proposed in Brazil is gaining much attention on the social media nowadays. The camp came into limelight when internet users find it causing segregation among the races.

The camp is said to be inclined towards crianças negras i.e. black children.

It all started when social media users found out that the page Das-Pretas (Of the Black-Women) saying in a social-networking event the following statement, “Quilombinho- Colônia de Férias-Afrocentradas.

It means Little Quilombo- African Centered Summer Camp.

Most eye-catching phrase of the post from the institute, Das-Pretas is “Sao apenas 60 vagas gratuitas para-crianças negras de 4 a 10 anos” (There are only 60 free vacancy spaces for black children between the age of 4 to 10).

Even though the association which has organized the camp is repudiating any such allegations, the camp has drawn rage from white parents.

One of the web users, Beatriz Portanova rebelled saying that she was fuming with anger because of this event which was refraining the participation of children from other ethnic groups with black children. There were other users too who alleged the event as racist.

The organizers tried to explain their mind on social media which was not taken as expected and the elimination of the word seemed the best way of avoiding controversy. Eventually, the institute decided to remove-the word ‘negra’ from the post.


afro-centric summer camp

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