Braiding is NO LONGER ILLEGAL In Iowa Thanks To Two Awesome Women!


You’ve probably heard about some of the mess facing hair stylers in some states who braid hair, a standard practise in the black community.

Basically it is illegal in some states without a very expensive license and countless hours of unrelated training!

Now, in Iowa two women have paved the way for this ridiculousness to stop after they got the law changed! Now all stylists can practise braiding without the cosmetology license.

Iowa’s cosmetology licensing laws meant that anyone wanting to braid had to undergo 2100 hours at cosmetology school costing up to $20,000. Without the license a charge of up to a year in prison was possible!


Aicheria Bell and Achan Agit filed and won a civil law suit against Iowa state. They had help from the non-profit Institute for Justice.

Now, braiders simply need to register with the state!

A great victory! Let’s hope other states follow.

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