FLOTUS & Daughters Take to Africa to Promote Education for Girls


Michelle Obama is set to tour Liberia and Morocco to promote girl child education in Africa.

This will be the first time that the Michelle Obama will be traveling with his daughters in Africa as she promotes education of girls.

During the period, they will be discussing the struggles that girls go through when going into an education. This has been seen as an initiative that the first Lady of US will take especially when promoting girl child education in Africa. Liberian president, Ellen Johnson will take this initiative of promoting the education of girls into the country.

During the training, they will discuss initiatives especially when dealing with issues that works with them.

Michelle Obama will be joined with some of the CNN’s top journalists to help moderate the talk during her Tour.

She will continue with the same agenda once she lands in Morocco where she will discuss the issues with the president on how to improve the education of girls in the country.

According to the statements that has been released by White House, the 3-country tour will cost $300,000. As we wait for the US First Lady tour, Michelle Obama will champion the education of girl child in the “Let girls learn” campaign.





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