Bey and Jay Making Millions from Cheating Rumors


Beyoncé and Jay-Z are brilliant when it comes to business. They started TIDAL streaming, Beyoncé is dropping albums out of the clear blue sky, and this visual album was incredible. The crazy thing is that people are more concerned with the cheating rumors than this dynamic duos secret of becoming one the greatest power couples of all time.

I’m sure Jay heard the album before it dropped (if he didn’t write the damn songs himself) and whether the stories Bey is telling through her music are true or not, he was definitely down for it. People are so thirsty for gossip that they fell in love with what they perceived to be the truth about Jay and Bey. The great thing about artistry is that we’ll never know if there is any truth behind the music. Unless of course one of them confirms or denies it, which I’m sure won’t happen.

But while we’re all concern about whether Jay cheated or not, Jay and Bey are making millions from these rumors. So even if the rumors are true, she took her lemons and made lemonade and I’m sure her lemonade is a lot sweeter than ours!

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