The First African-Themed Mall Is Opening In Colorado [Video]


Most of us in the black community support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and also supported the #JusticeOrElse movement. Both involved trying to prevent dollars (specifically black dollars) from going into white businesses due to the way we are treated. I too support this movement. However, we still need to redirect those dollars somewhere. This is where black economics and black businesses must come into the conversation.

All is not lost. The first African-themed mall is going to open in Colorado. There are very few in the U.S. already. The mall will feature around 24 shops, a movie theater, and a cultural center that will fill the 5000 square meter space. Also featured will be six restaurants from six African countries. This is HUGE for the black community. We should be jumping all over this. Having an African-themed mall not only support black businesses, but also shows our culture in a different way. It shows black people in the world of business in a positive light. We need malls like this in every city.

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